background1Welcome to the new RR Green Initiative. If you are like me half the time you are overloaded with manuals, instructions, data sheets; anything that has critical data will just disappear over time, usually just at the time when you need it.

Or, when assembling something it is almost impossible to keep your place and do the work, then go back to that spot so you can go on. Which requires way more time that something should. Even DIY YouTube videos are great, but require time after time viewing. And having written instructions added to that is the best way, but the problem again is keeping your place.

With a downloadable program, your smart phone can double as a YouTube viewer and an instruction manual. That will stay right where you need it until you need the next step. No more hunting for where you were in the paper instructions. And, as an added bonus, since it is accessed with your phone they won’t disappear just when you need them.

I realized the other day when we printed out the 8 pages for our new modification (4 pages printed double-sided) that we use a great deal of paper and ink. And most of the time, they are used once, then either thrown away, or lost over time. There has to be a better way. If we post them on a safe, easily accessible site that you can get to with any electronic device, they will always be there if you need them, 24/7/365.

In the coming weeks we will be putting this into practice and will be doing more with a question and answer website that you can communicate with other ryders for tips on how they did their install that is also smart phone compatible.

Even if you have previous installs with paper instructions, you can still access this site. And for new orders, if you opt to go green, we will discount your order to show our appreciation.

You save, we save, we both reduce our carbon footprint, and have better reference and access to the information we need when we need it. I call that a win-win for everyone!!